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I.T. but friendlier

In today’s business world, I.T. support is an absolute must, but finding the right company to work with can be confusing. Let’s fix that.

Hi, we’re PXL Systems.

Maybe you’re a new startup with some exciting ideas, maybe you’re not happy with your current I.T. company, or maybe one of our other clients said you should check us out (Remind us to thank them)! The important part is that you’re looking around and happened to have discovered us.

And if you are looking around, you’ve probably seen so many I.T. companies that their websites all blur together. We could tell you how great we are, put up some testimonials, showcase some made-up statistics, make a quick pun using the phrase “I.T.”, and throw up some vaguely technical pictures.

We could, but that’s not really our style.

We’re a group of seasoned I.T. professionals based out of Alberta that have worked for large I.T. firms and chose to break away from the idea of maximizing profits at the expense of our employees and clients. We hated the predatory plans, hidden fees, hiring people that didn’t know how to get the job done because they were cheaper, and the constant push to replace things to make a few bucks. We got the feeling that we weren’t the only ones.

That’s why we dreamed up PXL Systems.

So what does PXL do?

Glad you asked! We’re a managed I.T. company that supports businesses all across Canada. This means that we monitor and proactively protect all your devices, be they PC, Mac, Linux, or even Apple and Android. Our tools allow us to patch them, find them if they’re lost or stolen, and even find out if something is breaking before it becomes a headache. But all of that is just scratching the surface.

If something isn’t working correctly, you can give us a call or send us an email describing the issue, and we can remotely jump onto the offending machine and straighten it out. We can schedule a fix for after hours so it doesn’t interrupt things, or even head right over to tackle the issue in-person. We generally find that remotely handling something takes less time, but we know that some problems can only truly be dealt with in the flesh.

What else?

We’re the first I.T. company we know of to have an on-staff I.T. Economist to maximize what you can get from your hardware and software, and help make smart choices. If you’re worried about costs, don’t be. We’ll work with you and find something that fits.
We have completely open and honest billing. We don’t hide charges, and we don’t over bill.
We love working with non-profit businesses and regularly reach out to partner with them whenever we have space as we believe that we have the most helpful and positive charitable plan that we’ve ever seen.
We don’t outsource our staff. The person you call is the person who would show up on site if possible; no need to describe an issue twice. If you like one particular staff member, you can work with them every time they’re available.
We have on-staff specialists that know certain industries (Medical, dental, engineering, and accounting to name a few) inside and out. In some cases, we quite literally wrote the training material and manuals for the software they use.

We love to help, we love what we do, and we love our clients.
We’re a managed I.T. company with a brain and a heart.

We’re a very different kind of IT company, and we’d love to work with you.